Blaupunkt India launches San Diego 530 car multimedia and navigation system

Blaupunkt, the renowned car entertainment and audio systems manufacturer, has launched the San Diego 530, its new high-end car multimedia and navigation system, in India at a compelling price of Rs. 30,990. The dashboard-mounted double DIN system is based on Windows CE, the same operating system on which Windows Phone 7 was based, although the phone platform used a later version.


Blaupunkt San Diego 530 double DIN multimedia system

The San Diego 530 features a 6.2-inch TFT resistive touch screen with a display resolution of 840 x 480 pixels. The feed from a rear view camera for use in reverse gear can be hooked up to the display. The system can also be coupled with an independent secondary display for use by rear-seat passengers. This enables a scenario where the driver can focus on navigation, while the passengers can enjoy a movie at the same time.

The San Diego 530 comes with an infrared remote control. It is also compatible with most remote controls built into a car's steering wheel, in addition to Blaupunkt's own programmable steering wheel remote control accessory.


Blaupunkt San Diego 530 FM radio

Media can be played back from a CD, DVD or microSD card, as well as from a storage device connected to the full-size USB 2.0 port. Users can listen to MP3 and WMA music files, while the video formats supported are MPEG, AVI and Xvid. Viewing of JPEG images is also supported. Up to 5 devices can be paired with the system via Bluetooth. The built-in and external microphones facilitate hands-free calling.

The FM and AM radios make use of a high-power DSP tuner that is able to suppress noise and process weak signals. The system can be connected to up to 4 speakers, with a power output of 45W per speaker. A 10-band parametric equalizer with a number of presets is included.


Blaupunkt San Diego 530 navigation and maps

The San Diego 530 uses the iGO primo software from NNG for navigation and the latest map data from TomTom. The maps are stored in a bundled microSD card, which makes it easy to download and install map updates from the Blaupunkt website onto the card. The downside to this, however, is that navigation cannot be used without the card inserted.

As I understand it, users will be able to update their maps up to 2 times in a span of 2 years for no cost. Any additional and future updates will have to be paid for.

Navigation features include voice guidance, Intelligent Quick Search (IQS), history tracking, parking guidance and congestion detour handling. The system houses a built-in navigation processor, thus eliminating the need for an external black box.

The San Diego 530 is available for purchase and Blaupunkt is offering 1 year of insurance against theft, flood and fire for free.

Image credit: [1] Blaupunkt India

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