Outlook.com app for Android gets a much-needed overhaul

An update for the Outlook.com Android app was released today. This update has been long overdue and comes after quite a long time, almost 6 months. The app now sports a look similar to Microsoft's Metro UI Modern UI.

Outlook.com for Android

The change is very refreshing as the previous version's interface looked very dated. You can take a look at the old Hotmail app, which still features the previous look of the Outlook.com app. The app icon has also had a small change; it now has a blue gradient background.

The changes are not just cosmetic, some nifty little features have also been added. You can now use the Unread and Flag filters to filter your emails. Quick access to your folders has also been added.

Head over to Google Play to install the app on your phone.

Image credit: Google Play (modified)

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