Top 5 free Windows Phone apps - October 2012

Top free Windows Phone apps

Here are our picks for the monthly Top Free Windows Phone Apps blog series. Another five awesome-yet-free WP apps, for the month of October:

  1. μTorrent Remote

    This is the official remote app for μTorrent. You can add, remove, start, stop and check the progress of torrents running on your home computer right from your Windows Phone. In addition to that, you can also shift completed downloads to your Windows Phone for local playback. This app is in beta so don't be surprised if it crashes on you.

    µTorrent Remote for Windows Phone


  2. Endomondo Sports Tracker

    Endomondo is a popular sports and fitness app that is available on almost all platforms. It's a feature-packed fitness app that will appeal to a fitness freak, but at the same time, won't intimidate a newbie. It claims to track any distance-based sport and calculates factors like speed, distance, duration and calories burned using the phone's built-in GPS. There's also a feature to play songs from your phone's library. You can share your workout with your friends via Facebook. You can pin the Live Tile to your Start Screen, which will show history and/or news feed updates.

    Endomondo Sports Tracker for Windows Phone


  3. Pastebin

    It is a client. You can create new pastes and view the ones you've created before. The pastes can be shared via SMS, email and social media. You can also view the trending pastes. They have updated the app with stability enhancements, but it may crash occasionally.

    Pastebin for Windows Phone


  4. Vimeo

    This is the official Windows Phone app. You can watch videos, manage your existing ones, like, comment and share them. You can discover new content by browsing the categories and the Featured section. The most important feature is that you can upload your HD videos. And you can pause/resume them.

    Vimeo for Windows Phone


  5. Wikipedia

    Though this is an unofficial app, it is the best-looking Wikipedia app in the Store as of now. And it's not just good-looking, it's feature-rich at the same time. You can pin multiple Live Tiles, change the font size and color of the app, add any article to your favorites, and view a summary of the article. You can share any article via email, Facebook or Twitter and add it to Read It Later or Instapaper for viewing it later.

    Wikipedia for Windows Phone


Discover more great free apps for Windows Phone.

Image credit: Windows Phone Store (modified)

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