Microsoft challenges you to break the Google habit and 'Bing It On'

Bing has launched a brand new Web search challenge, aptly titled "Bing It On," and is inviting searchers to choose for themselves whose search results they would prefer: Bing's or Google's.

The Bing team, over the past several months, observed in their internal tests that Bing was beating Google in search results quality on a regular basis. So they commissioned Answers Research, an independent research company, to conduct a study in order to confirm their findings. The study revealed that people chose Bing search results over Google nearly 2-to-1 in blind comparison tests.

'Bing It On' Web search challenge

Based on this outcome, Bing is rolling out the Bing It On Challenge, which lets you compare and choose between Bing and Google search results side-by-side, except you don't know which side of the results came from which search engine. All the branding, ads and unique features such as Bing's Social Search and Google's Knowledge Graph are removed to make it pretty much impossible to find out which search engine provided which results.

To take the challenge, all you have to do is go to and enter five search queries of your choice. For each search query, you either select a winner or call it a draw. When you're done, the final score and the winning search engine are shown.

As you can see, in my case, Bing was indeed the clear winner:

Bing wins the 'Bing It On' search off

This challenge will also be part of a US-wide marketing campaign. Ads will be seen online and on TV. Over the coming months, the challenge will be featured in Microsoft Stores as well as in pop-up stations.

Microsoft is also running sweepstakes from September 6th to October 18th. Prizes include an Xbox 360 + Kinect with Xbox LIVE, a Windows Phone, and even a Surface tablet with Windows RT. You can enter simply by tweeting or retweeting this tweet. Note that, as always, the sweeps are open only to US residents aged 18+.

Whether or not this challenge will make more people switch to Bing, only time will tell. But what I can tell you is that when you begin the challenge, you realize just how much progress Bing has made over a comparatively short period of time, because choosing between the two result sets can be really hard in many cases.

Be sure to try it out, it's fun! And tell us about your results in the comments below.

  Source: Bing Search Blog
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