Top 5 free Windows Phone apps - August 2012

Top free Windows Phone apps

We're back with the fifth installment in our monthly Top Free Windows Phone Apps series, where we scour the Windows Phone Marketplace for five amazing apps for your Windows Phone.

  1. Audible - Audiobooks

    If you listen to audiobooks then Audible needs no introduction. Audible for Windows Phone offers you more than 100,000 audiobooks to download from its mobile store. The most notable features are Play-as-you-Download and Sleep Mode. It comes with Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can let your friends know what you're listening to.

    Audible for Windows Phone


  2. BandWidth

    BandWidth is a speed testing app which will test the speed of your Wi-Fi/3G/2G connection. It will automatically list servers based on your location. Your test results are preserved and past test results can be viewed in the History section. You can also share your results on Facebook or Twitter.

    BandWidth for Windows Phone


  3. ConnectivityShortcuts

    If you are an Android convert then you must have felt the need for a quick switch to enable/disable Wi-Fi, cellular data, Bluetooth, etc. There is no easy way to do this on a Windows Phone by default, but ConnectivityShortcuts solves this problem. It lets you pin live tiles on the Start screen which directly take you to the respective settings screen. You can also customize the live tiles as per your taste.

    ConnectivityShortcuts for Windows Phone


  4. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a widely-used professional network and this official app for Windows Phone lets you keep in touch with your professional connections on-the-go, tune in to the latest news from your industry, get regular updates on your connections, manage your profile and share content with your network.

    LinkedIn for Windows Phone


  5. Weave

    Weave is a news/RSS app with a very beautiful interface. Weave offers over 180 pre-loaded news sources and 33 categories out-of-the-box, but also comes with an option to add new categories. In addition to that, you can also search and add RSS feeds of your choice. Articles can be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter. Weave has Instapaper support, so you can save an article to read it later at your convenience.

    Weave for Windows Phone

    Note: This app is not available for all Windows Phones.


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Image credit: Windows Phone Marketplace (modified)

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