Microsoft sheds its iconic logo, gets a fresh look

Microsoft has undergone many changes over the last quarter of a century. The only thing that had remained untouched was its Pac-Man styled logo, but that's about to change.

Microsoft announced today that it will be adopting a new look. In the last few years, we saw Microsoft adopt the Metro UI Modern UI. First seen in Windows Media Center, this design strategy is now noticeable in nearly every Microsoft product.

Old and new Microsoft logos

For the first time since Microsoft's inception, its logo now includes a symbol. The old logos were void of any symbol and only had a logotype. The ever-so-popular typeface, Helvetica, was used for the old logo, which was in use from 1987 to 2012. The new logo uses the Segoe font for the logotype. The Segoe font was originally developed by Monotype and is used in Microsoft's products and branding.

All major Microsoft products have got a facelift recently, and now with the new Microsoft logo, it seems that the transformation is truly complete.

Here is a video showing the new logo and how it blends seamlessly with the new Windows, Office and Xbox logos:

  Source: The Official Microsoft Blog
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