Top 5 free Windows Phone apps - July 2012

Top free Windows Phone apps

Here's the fourth installment in our monthly Top Free Windows Phone Apps series, where we showcase five great free apps your Windows Phone has to have:

  1. eBay

    eBay is one of the most popular shopping sites on the Web. You can search, bid, sell and keep tabs on users' activity. Users can also access the My eBay section, which features messages and saved searches. Apart from this, it also offers deals and tips. This app benefits buyers and sellers alike.

    eBay for Windows Phone


  2. Flickr

    Flickr is a well-known online photo sharing and management service. Even though it has lost its popularity lately, it still boasts a loyal community. It has features like instant uploading of pictures taken via the in-app camera, slideshows, full-screen browsing, easy sharing and commenting. It also supports the Live Tiles feature that lets you pin tiles for quick and easy access to some in-app features. Though the app has been around for more than a year, you might still find it slightly unstable and may even encounter crashes.

    Flickr for Windows Phone


  3. Foodspotting

    Foodspotting is an Instagram-like service for foodies, sans the visual effects. Take photos of dishes you like and share them with your friends. Discover new delicacies, restaurants and recommendations by fellow foodies. You can also pin your favorite dish or restaurant on your Start screen. Take advantage of App Connect and find out more about restaurants on Bing Maps.

    Foodspotting for Windows Phone


  4. Speedo Plus

    Speedo Plus is a speedometer app for Windows Phone which displays the speed at which you are traveling using GPS. It supports both metric and imperial measurements. The most notable features of this app are:

    • Calculates moving average and maximum speeds
    • Ability to set a speed limit and a sound alert if you cross it

    Speedo Plus for Windows Phone


  5. World Clock

    World Clock is a neat little offering from Microsoft. If you're a freelancer who has clients in different time zones across the world, have friends or relatives living in foreign countries, or just like to keep track of time in multiple cities, this app might come in handy.

    World Clock for Windows Phone


Discover more great free apps for Windows Phone.

Image credit: Windows Phone Marketplace (modified)

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