Windows Phone India launches AppSnap newsletter

AppSnap newsletter by Windows Phone India

Windows Phone is steadily rising in India thanks to the heavy marketing and promotion done by manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung, and not to forget, the folks at Windows Phone India, who are constantly promoting Windows Phone on Facebook and Twitter. Since the last few months, it's not just the quantity of Windows Phones that has increased, but also the apps in the Marketplace.

Many new apps pop up every day in the ever-growing Marketplace and keeping up might be a little difficult. Windows Phone India has addressed this problem by launching AppSnap - a weekly newsletter that will recommend some must-have apps and games. It will also showcase one app per newsletter in an "App of the Week" section. AppSnap will prove beneficial to new Windows Phone users in discovering good apps.

At Redmond Times, we post 5 top free apps for Windows Phone every month and I would recommend you to take a look.

Subscribe to AppSnap.

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