Microsoft: iCloud users, try SkyDrive

Significant changes were done to SkyDrive in the month of April, one of them being the release of desktop apps for Windows and OS X. One may think that SkyDrive being a Microsoft product may not perform better in Apple's ecosystem as compared to Apple's own cloud solution - iCloud. Microsoft thinks different.

Microsoft has created a promotional page explaining the benefits of using SkyDrive to iCloud users. Here's the video:

iCloud has its fair share of disadvantages, so to speak. Where iCloud sticks to iWork documents and photos, SkyDrive will sync any sort of file you throw at it across all your iDevices. Also, SkyDrive's integration with Office for Mac and the Web is flawless.

On iCloud, users can access notes across devices but can't share them. SkyDrive and OneNote work hand-in-hand to tackle this problem.

Microsoft has also put up a tutorial for moving files from iDisk to SkyDrive.

  Source: SkyDrive
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