Get Bing wallpapers and search on your desktop with Bing Desktop

If you're a Bing user, you most likely look forward to seeing the beautiful new photo that appears on the Bing home page every day. And you've probably also wanted to use the photos as your desktop wallpaper. Microsoft has earlier released the Best of Bing series of themes for Windows 7, which included a limited set of these images.

With Bing Desktop coming out of beta, now there's an even better way to get those lovely pictures. Bing Desktop downloads a high-resolution version of Bing's home page background to your Windows 7 desktop daily.

Bing Desktop wallpaper and search box

In addition to this, it adds a search box that you can use to search the Web using Bing straight from your desktop. The search bar provides suggestions and displays results in your default browser.

You might not like the default configuration though. The application takes up its own icon on the taskbar, and the search box cannot be moved from the center of your screen.

So here's a tip - remember to select the Pin the search box to the top of your screen setting from Options, like this:

Settings for Bing Desktop

And voila, the taskbar icon is gone, and the search box is docked to the top of your screen and slides out of view. When you want to search, just move your mouse pointer to the top of your screen, or better yet, use the Windows + H shortcut key, and the search bar pops out again.

Bing Desktop in docked state, showing search suggestions

Microsoft has made Bing Desktop available as an optional update for Windows 7 (US English only) via Windows Update. If you're not receiving this update, you can download Bing Desktop here.

  Source: Bing Search Blog
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