SkyDrive launches for desktop, mobile apps upgraded

SkyDrive setup on Windows 8

SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage offering, has undergone major improvements. New features include the launch of desktop apps, upgraded apps for a number of devices, a new subscription model and remote file access. Many of these features, first announced in February, are now live.

SkyDrive cloud storage and syncing

Here's a look at what's new:

  • New apps for desktop and mobile

    Microsoft has released new preview apps for Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS X Lion, and the iPad. Existing apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone will get an upgrade. And of course, if you are on any other device, you can always access SkyDrive from your browser.

  • Integration with Windows Explorer

    The app lets you create a special folder for SkyDrive which is integrated with Windows Explorer (and Finder on the Mac.) You can then add, edit and delete files in this folder the same way you would with a normal folder, and all changes get synced to the cloud, as well as all other devices on which you have the app installed.

  • 7 GB of free storage

    SkyDrive is now offering 7 GB of free storage for new users, and you can now upload files as large as 2 GB.

    Now if you've used SkyDrive before, you probably know that SkyDrive previously offered 25 GB. Fear not, because for a limited time, existing users will be allowed to upgrade to 25 GB for free.

SkyDrive storage plans

  • Storage plans

    If you need even more space though, three paid storage plans are available for an annual fee: +20 GB for $10, +50 GB for $25 and +100 GB for $50.

  • Remote access

    Users can now fetch files from a remote Windows PC directly from All you have to do is to install the app and keep the remote PC powered on, and you can browse that computer's entire hard drive from your current device.

Get the new SkyDrive apps.

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