Top 5 free Windows Phone apps - April 2012

Top free Windows Phone apps

Beginning this month, we're doing a new series of posts where we quickly feature five great free apps across all categories that we think your Windows Phone should have. So here are this month's picks:

  1. Adobe Reader

    Adobe Reader is an absolutely essential application for a true smartphone experience. It allows you to open PDF documents in email attachments, on the Web, or from the phone.

    Adobe Reader for Windows Phone


  2. WP Bench

    WP Bench is a performance benchmarking application for Windows Phone devices. It tests your CPU, GPU, memory, storage, display and battery, and lets you publish your score to the online charts to compare with other users. It's the first benchmarking app for WP7.

    WP Bench for Windows Phone


  3. Wunderlist

    Wunderlist is a very popular multi-platform task manager and to-do app, and is now available for Windows Phone. It comes with free cloud sync.

    Wunderlist for Windows Phone


  4. Skype

    Just like its desktop counterpart, you can make and receive voice/video calls and instant messages for free from anyone using Skype, or call and text any phone number with Skype Credit.

    Skype for Windows Phone


  5. Contact Sender

    If you've ever gotten into a situation where you have to share details of a contact with someone, you know it's very time-consuming. Contact Sender finishes the task in seconds. Just select the details and send it via SMS or email.

    Contact Sender for Windows Phone


Discover more great free apps for Windows Phone.

Image credit: Windows Phone Marketplace (modified)

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