Must-have Windows Phone cricket apps this IPL season

Yahoo! Cricket running on the HTC Radar Windows Phone 7.5

The Indian Premier League has begun and if you're one of those savvy Windows Phone users looking to keep up while travelling, then we've got some free apps lined up for you. There are official IPL apps available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, but it's a bit unfortunate that there is no official app for Windows Phone. Luckily, there are a few good alternatives.

  • Yahoo! Cricket

    Currently, this is the best cricket app on the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is a full-fledged app that covers international cricket matches as well as the IPL series. It has features like live scorecard, ball-by-ball commentary, upcoming matches, news, photo gallery, team and player profiles etc.

    Yahoo! Cricket for Windows Phone


  • Live Cricket

    This is the 2nd-best offering on the Marketplace at the moment. It offers live scorecard, team rankings, news and fixtures for international matches and the IPL. Though it lacks a photo gallery and team/player profiles, it makes up by adding a Cricket Basics section that gives the user detailed information about the sport.

    Live Cricket for Windows Phone


  • IPL 2012

    This app also gives you a live scorecard, team/player profiles, season schedule, and news and gallery sections. A unique feature of this app is that it lets you set a reminder for your favorite matches.

    IPL 2012 for Windows Phone

    Some users have reported that the live score does not work sometimes, but the developer states that the issue has been fixed in the latest update.


Update: At the time of writing this article, the above apps were the only ones worth noting. But recently, another significant app hit the Marketplace:

  • ESPNcricinfo

    Many cricket fans use ESPNcricinfo's website to check the live scores of cricket matches. ESPNcricinfo also has apps for many platforms and it is very fortunate that Windows Phone is now one of them. Just like Yahoo! Cricket, ESPNcricinfo is a full-fledged app which has features like live score card, commentary, fixtures, news, videos and photo gallery.

    ESPNcricinfo for Windows Phone

    Apart from the standard features, it also has these unique features which no other cricket app on Windows Phone currently offers:

    • Push notifications: The app will push alerts for batsman milestones, wickets etc.
    • Live tiles: Pin a game and get updates on your home screen.
    • Personalization: Customize the app to your favorite team.
    • 'Lean Back' mode: This mode will show the live score in full screen. A nice feature where you can place the phone on a desk and get updates while working.

    In my opinion, this beats the Yahoo! Cricket app in many ways.


Note: Indiatimes also offers an IPL app, but it is limited to viewing videos from their IPL channel on YouTube.

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