Unlock your Windows Phone without spending a dime

Jailbreaking or unlocking is simply the process of removing the limitations your phone's manufacturer has imposed. Jailbreaking is a boon for users and developers as it allows the user to sideload homebrew apps, gain root access etc.

ChevronWP7 Labs were the first to jailbreak Windows Phone 7 and offered the unlocking tool for free. Soon after, Microsoft and ChevronWP7 Labs joined hands, making them the official third-party tool to jailbreak WP7 phones. ChevronWP7 Labs charged users $9 per device for unlocking. But currently they are out of stock and have no plans of restocking (for now).

Those looking for a free alternative can rejoice; a new unlocking tool has surfaced on the Internet. The WindowBreak project, which debuted a week ago, is completely free and offers easy unlocking. The project is more of an experiment and is in its trial stages. WindowBreak exploits a vulnerability in the Zipview application.

This unlocking method works flawlessly with Samsung devices. Though this method doesn't support HTC and Nokia devices as of now, the developer behind this project has stated that it is in the works. The developer has also released a video demonstrating the unlock process.

For more information, head over to www.windowsphonehacker.com.

  Source: Windows Phone Hacker
  Via: xda-developers
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